Sunday, September 18, 2016

I've got more to say...

As I continue to network for ever more opportunity to be active on the frontlines of radical environmentalism and attenuating peace & justice movements, there is an odd aspect to this which I've not written about nor shared.  But just between us, I believe that ultimately myself and friends will have to be creative, insofar as realizing social opportunities.  Yep, that's what I said.

     I (and we) need to be a part of something which this world has not seen before; particularly because what we presently are doing and know, does not appear to be "gettin' it done" in regard to environmental issues and peace & justice globally.>>>>>

I mean, in recently reviewing my own online published writings, I noticed that I often call for "divine intervention" within the overall message.  This is most curious, because the reader has nothing to do with "divine intervention".  So why do I bother to write that into any message, at all??  I suggest that the reason is that there is a need to push beyond our known boundaries, not just in terms of spiritual realization, but also in terms of how our actions manifest in society.  Take for example the St. Francis prayer, wherein the individual asks God to utilize the individual to perform on earth the Higher Will.  Wouldn't the individual's behavior henceforth be considerably different in society?  One would hope so, correct?

     In the 1970s and later, I was associated with The Living Theatre in New York City.  Julian Beck and Judith Malina introduced the concept that everything (i.e. all social life) is in fact the living theater, not only stage performances. One night, the group proceeded to go outside of the physical theater on 14th Street, and interact with everybody outside, literally putting into practice the group's realization that everybody at all times is participating in an ongoing living theater 24/7-365.  The passersby outside of the physical theater were understandably taken by surprise, although many caught on and joined with us, eventually returning inside of the theater building after the police department came by and informed us that they'd had enough of our "activity on the sidewalk".

     I offer this example to illustrate my point, that what we need is something revolutionary for all of us to be a part of.  I don't even want to just go somewhere again, just to participate in yet another organized eco-political campaign, as I've done hundreds of times.  Although it is fine generally to participate, there is a problem with diminishing returns.  I believe that is why I've been calling for "divine intervention".  Maybe our cooperation is what "divine intervention" will look like.  What do you think of that???

I look forward to your reply.


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