Sunday, September 18, 2016

Update from Craig in San Francisco...9/17/'16

Good afternoon everyone, I went out to Castro Valley and met with the lead carpenter from Amma's ashram.  We agreed that whereas I am looking for a group with a mystical charism, being at Amma's ashram in a karma yoga program is not appropriate.

  Also, I was at Yogaville in Virginia as a karma yogi 5 times from 1985-1994, with Sri Swami Satchidananda, so I have similar experience already, and do not require more.

     I have just booked a one week reservation in San Francisco across the street from where I presently am staying, extending my stay here 
I am giving this every chance that I can, as I continue to not know what is upcoming.  I have definitely created open free space to be accommodating spiritually.  What else can I do?

     I might wish to return to The Plumeria travel hostel in Honolulu after September 25th.  If anybody has deeper insight than I have, then please inform me.  Wishing everyone the very best.  Yours mystically, Craig

Craig Louis Stehr

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