Saturday, November 5, 2016

9/30/16 Tiny Bubbles Writers' Group (Honolulu)

Looking out at Waikiki Beach, an absolutely perfect picture-postcard afternoon.  Sunny with puffy white clouds, wave after wave carrying surfers shoreward, and the sail boats arriving and leaving, and the tourist ships arriving and leaving, and the airplanes arriving and leaving, and thousands of tourists arriving and leaving, and the university students arriving and leaving, and the birds and the fish and the warm trade winds are arriving and leaving.  Only the unseen constant is aware of all of this, because it is neither arriving nor leaving.  It is just always here, neither coming nor going, never changing from anything to anything at all.

     Visitors enter and leave the Jamba juice bar, with large cups of fresh squeezed local fruit juices, cold and refreshing, and then return to the beach with its carved statue of the Duke, surfer of surfers...the king!  Duke Kahanamoku used his circumstances of birth to develop into an immortal in the pantheon of the Hawaiian gods.  His statue is across the street adorned with garlands of flowers, constantly being photographed.  Sunbathers fill up the juice bar again, and the blenders are all on making smoothies, whirring away amidst the chatter about evening parties and associated gossip.  There is nothing too serious here.  That wouldn't fit the picture.  There is one police officer down the way resting on a bicycle, watching over it all.

     The Hawaiian islands are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with nothing else anywhere near them.  Japan, Fiji, Samoa, French Polynesia, and everywhere else is not close by.  This is truly an isolated place.  The big city of Honolulu has all of the urban attributes, such as high rises, a variety of entertainment venues, an industrial section, an airport, a university, lots of motorized traffic, and four floors of the world class Ala Moana Shopping Center.  And still, this is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

     Sitting on a bench along the canal, looking at Diamond Head and the 40 million dollar homes in the distance, lulled by the balmy weather, it is an effort to remain awake.  Indeed, why bother?  Palm trees sway slightly in the breeze.  Emerald green hillsides are illumined by the sun.  One can only wonder where they got the script ideas for Hawaii Five-0.  It was probably written in Los Angeles and then filmed here.  I haven't come across anybody on O'ahu whom Danno could book for anything serious.  How can you arrest a dream anyway?  ~Mahalo~

9/29/16 from: Tiny Bubbles Writers' Group (Honolulu)

What animates everything acts spontaneously.  There are no subjects nor objects per se, but only movement.  And within that movement are countless receptacles of light, each with a unique identity.  The key is to leave the individual persona alone, to do nothing with it, because it does not require any assistance, being fully able to sustain itself.  It does not need help in order to act.  It just does what it does.

     The primary source of society's suffering is the unnecessary acting out of the personal identity.  The panacea of society's ills is the cessation of acting out the personal identity.  Instead, simply watch the exterior scene, identifying with its spiritual basis which is always prior to all mental and physical appearances.  This is the truest liberation, to not be attached to anything at all!

     Thoughts will continue to appear from the mental factory, as the physical body continues to function, i.e. the heart pumps blood, the 72,000 nerve endings are sensitive, the inner organs act cooperatively, the brain functions, etc.  All of this does not require any effort on the part of anybody.  And this has been going on for a very long time.  Remain detached from mental and physical phenomena, and there is nothing left to achieve.

     What happens from there is not expressable, except to say that the relationship between the Absolute and what is considered to be part and parcel of it is called in Sanskrit "anirvachaniya", or that which cannot be expressed.  Mystics have proclaimed since the time of the Indian Rishis and the composition of the Vedas that the ultimate Brahman or spiritual Absolute is realizable but not describable; the explanation given is that the infinite cannot be contained by the finite, which language is.

     The Absolute may be reflected in creative writing, particularly poetry, also play writing and other forms, because there is an inherent capacity in the creative writing process to reflect the Absolute.  To whatever extent writing does this is of great value, which may be said of all art forms.  Regardless, as always, what is critical is to watch exterior scenes unfolding, and identify only with their source, prior to consciousness.

--Written at Honolulu's Ala Moana Shopping Center in the first level food court, at the tables where the guitarists and ukelele players congregate in the afternoons.

Craig Louis Stehr
September 29, 2016

Sept 28, 2016 Spiritual Writing

Walking along the Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, not attaching to either the body nor the mind, resting comfortably in the internal spiritual center (Svarupa), no concern about going anywhere nor doing anything, and now writing this.  This is spiritual writing!  Non-interference with the unceasing flow of spiritual energy, no concern where the body-mind complex goes nor what it does, and no doubting of the wisdom of the Source of all creation. 

     Nothing at all affects the real you.  We are the unchanging constant, the "That" of the Vedas, which the Rishis spoke of.  The Brahmic vrittis take over, and there is nothing for one to do other than to not interfere.  Just watching the scene is enough.  This is liberation, and writing about it is "spiritual writing".

     I invite all to join with me in being a part of a spiritual writing group.  We will write as the experimental improvisational musicians played, as The Living Theatre performed, as all having-no-preconceived-ideas artists created, as authors who have completed works via automatic writing (just holding the pen over the paper, and allowing the words to flow onto the page, themselves functioning as instruments of a Higher Will).  This way is beyond conventionally "writing down the bones"; this is beyond writing down the entire skeleton!

     If you relate to this message, if you are essentially free from a miserable identification with the body-mind complex, and instead identify with the Atman or Spirit Soul, and if you wish to embark on a grand adventure of spiritual creativity, then please join with us.

Craig Louis Stehr
September 28, 2016

Sept 28, 2016 . 12:08 A.M. Honolulu Celebrating Birthday # 67

Craig Stehr

Sep 28
Listening to tunes on You Tube in my travel hostel room, recorded by Green Day, and other randomly chosen punk artists.  Enjoying a tangerine probiotic drink, the evening is cool and the dreaminess of O'ahu is indescribably enjoyable.  Island living.  Amazing.  Where do we go from here?  :-)))))

Sept 27, 2016 : Just checked in @ the Plumeria.

Am in a wonderful mid-size room on the upper level, on the laptop...have everything that is required.  It's nice here on O'ahu...cooler now...what an amazing place to be!  OMed on the outbreath the entire 4 1/2 hour flight on comfy United Airlines.  

"Sattwic" doesn't even begin to describe this.  Having showered, now going next door to Safeway to stock up on juices for the refrigerator.  I must be dreaming.  

Leaving El Dorado

Just left Sunday Catholic Mass after receiving Holy Communion at historic St. Patrick's Cathedral in San Francisco.  Am about to go to Ocean Beach for one final mindful beach walk, before packing up my belongings tonight, in lieu of leaving California tomorrow for Honolulu.  

It is with no sorrow whatsoever that I am leaving El Dorado.  A legal resident since August of 1972, having done it all, I do not feel satisfied, generally speaking, following decades of living here.  The significant employment situations were insane.  The social life was enjoyable when intoxicated on premium beer and shots of whiskey....otherwise, fair to middlin'.  The spiritual life was eclectically interesting, but the people were often ignorant in spite of constantly pronouncing themselves to be "enlightened".  Some were downright psychotic, and fortunate it is that I did not haul off and punch one of them in the face as hard as possible, (and emotion which I identify as common in postmodern secular consumerist America).

     I am going to The Plumeria travel hostel on O'ahu to begin new creative writing, am actively seeking others to form a spiritual writers group, the only restriction being how successful on the earth plane that we wish to be.
     Yours for centering internally and writing down the bones,  Craig Louis Stehr

Nota bene:  Please don't ever advise me to "chill out".  I am tired of hearing the stupid suggestion.  It's the intensity which gets the results.  Obviously!

Craig Louis Stehr

The Spiritual Writers Group's Mission

Resting comfortably in our own Svarupa

We write down the bones.

To all: Please know that I am flying to Honolulu Monday afternoon September 26th, 2016, and will be staying at The Plumeria for the purpose of focusing on new creative writing.  I am inviting others to be a part of an emerging spiritual writers group, for collaborative creativity to uplift in this time of paradigm shifting.  If your enlightened energy is enthusiastic for this in the immediate, and for the far distance beyond the stars, then let us commence.

Craig Louis Stehr