Saturday, November 5, 2016

9/29/16 from: Tiny Bubbles Writers' Group (Honolulu)

What animates everything acts spontaneously.  There are no subjects nor objects per se, but only movement.  And within that movement are countless receptacles of light, each with a unique identity.  The key is to leave the individual persona alone, to do nothing with it, because it does not require any assistance, being fully able to sustain itself.  It does not need help in order to act.  It just does what it does.

     The primary source of society's suffering is the unnecessary acting out of the personal identity.  The panacea of society's ills is the cessation of acting out the personal identity.  Instead, simply watch the exterior scene, identifying with its spiritual basis which is always prior to all mental and physical appearances.  This is the truest liberation, to not be attached to anything at all!

     Thoughts will continue to appear from the mental factory, as the physical body continues to function, i.e. the heart pumps blood, the 72,000 nerve endings are sensitive, the inner organs act cooperatively, the brain functions, etc.  All of this does not require any effort on the part of anybody.  And this has been going on for a very long time.  Remain detached from mental and physical phenomena, and there is nothing left to achieve.

     What happens from there is not expressable, except to say that the relationship between the Absolute and what is considered to be part and parcel of it is called in Sanskrit "anirvachaniya", or that which cannot be expressed.  Mystics have proclaimed since the time of the Indian Rishis and the composition of the Vedas that the ultimate Brahman or spiritual Absolute is realizable but not describable; the explanation given is that the infinite cannot be contained by the finite, which language is.

     The Absolute may be reflected in creative writing, particularly poetry, also play writing and other forms, because there is an inherent capacity in the creative writing process to reflect the Absolute.  To whatever extent writing does this is of great value, which may be said of all art forms.  Regardless, as always, what is critical is to watch exterior scenes unfolding, and identify only with their source, prior to consciousness.

--Written at Honolulu's Ala Moana Shopping Center in the first level food court, at the tables where the guitarists and ukelele players congregate in the afternoons.

Craig Louis Stehr
September 29, 2016

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