Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sept 28, 2016 Spiritual Writing

Walking along the Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, not attaching to either the body nor the mind, resting comfortably in the internal spiritual center (Svarupa), no concern about going anywhere nor doing anything, and now writing this.  This is spiritual writing!  Non-interference with the unceasing flow of spiritual energy, no concern where the body-mind complex goes nor what it does, and no doubting of the wisdom of the Source of all creation. 

     Nothing at all affects the real you.  We are the unchanging constant, the "That" of the Vedas, which the Rishis spoke of.  The Brahmic vrittis take over, and there is nothing for one to do other than to not interfere.  Just watching the scene is enough.  This is liberation, and writing about it is "spiritual writing".

     I invite all to join with me in being a part of a spiritual writing group.  We will write as the experimental improvisational musicians played, as The Living Theatre performed, as all having-no-preconceived-ideas artists created, as authors who have completed works via automatic writing (just holding the pen over the paper, and allowing the words to flow onto the page, themselves functioning as instruments of a Higher Will).  This way is beyond conventionally "writing down the bones"; this is beyond writing down the entire skeleton!

     If you relate to this message, if you are essentially free from a miserable identification with the body-mind complex, and instead identify with the Atman or Spirit Soul, and if you wish to embark on a grand adventure of spiritual creativity, then please join with us.

Craig Louis Stehr
September 28, 2016

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