Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Holiday Greetings

December 8, 2016. Warmest spiritual salutations, Please know that I am NOT accepting any more invitations to consume alcoholic beverages.  On Monday, I happily visited Vesuvio's for three bottles of Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale which was delicious, and a shot o' Chivas Regal.  

Pushed on to Zeitgeist to play the jazz & blues on the juke box, and enjoyed a $13 Margarita featuring Herradura Silver tequila, plus a monster cheese burger which included a fried egg.  Eventually I left Zeitgeist, and went to Ghirardelli Chocolate on Market Street for an ice cream sundae. 

 Returned to my room at the Emperor Norton Inn and slept very soundly.  Awoke feeling fully satisfied.  Therefore, I have no reason nor interest to engage in this sort of activity any further.  If you wish to associate with me, suggest a spiritually & culturally worthwhile endeavor.  

Beyond all of that, am OMing silently on the out breath.  Hoping that your holiday season is as satisfying as mine.  
Peaceout.  Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.

Craig Louis Stehr
December 8, 2016
San Francisco

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