Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wandering in the Dark

Spent Friday night going from Vesuvio's (after two beers and a shot o' Powers Irish Whiskey), wandering around the Mission district in the dark.  Popped into Benders located at 19th Street and South Van Ness.  Hockey was on the sports screen, so I occupied a bar stool and enjoyed two pints of Pliny the Elder and a dark rum drink, which washed down the killer sandwich and grilled brussel sprouts.  Wandered off into the night, finally ending up at Ghirardelli Chocolate on Market Street, and gorged down a huge ice cream sundae.  Purchased a bag of peppermint squares, which I gave to the front desk at Green Tortoise travel hostel upon my return.
    On Saturday, I attended Mass at old St. Patrick's Cathedral on Mission Street.  Afterwards had a chat with the priest, who will pray for my getting a permanent place to live.  Am presently requesting assistance from the Catholic housing network.  Whereas I did perform 23 years of unpaid service work with Catholic Worker to benefit the poorest of the poor, the priest agrees that it would be appropriate for me to have housing for myself in a Catholic environment.

     Am right this moment on a public computer at the Mechanics Institute Library, enjoying my renewed membership.  Holding fast to the Constant, ready for more inspiration to creatively write, accepting all insightful responses.  What would you do in this world if you knew that you could not fail?

Craig Louis Stehr
November 27, 2016
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