Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CA Taxpayers Targeted by State to "Double Pay"

Please know that I met with the branch manager of the Berkeley, CA Mechanics Bank today.  We had a thorough conversation, in regard to my being harassed by the State of California to essentially "double pay" the sum of $51 plus interest, my tax liability for 2014.  

     We agree that the State of California is guilty of sending out notices to collect back taxes that have already been paid, thereby profiting from all of the fools who send in another check, for whatever reason, such as to not be further bothered, or because they are senile, or just too lazy to research their tax records.  For whatever reason, it is clear that the State of California is receiving double payment from California citizens, which is more than morally wrong.  It's criminal!

     To that effect, I have an understanding with Mechanics Bank that if I should receive another bogus demand from the State of California to inappropriately double pay my 2014 tax liability, the bank will assist me in a lawsuit, and will also accompany me into the San Francisco offices of the FBI to demand a federal investigation.  Please know that the Berkeley tax preparer whom I used has already telephoned Sacramento several times to complain that I am being asked to pay what I have already paid in full.  The proof of payment plus letters from the state have been faxed back to Sacramento for their perusal, so that they could adjust their records insofar as my account is concerned, and thus not send me any further inappropriate notices (which I could only satisfy by idiotically double paying).

     If I do NOT receive any further bogus notices from the State of California, then this matter is ended.  If however I do receive another one, Mechanics Bank agrees that we are "going to war with the State of California".  ~End of Message~

Craig Louis Stehr
January 18, 2017
Email: CraigStehr@inbox.com
Snail mail: P.O. Box 809, Berkeley, CA 94701-0809

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