Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spiritualizing Consciousness in Postmodern America

     With the 45th American presidential inauguration upcoming, I spent the afternoon at San Francisco's Ocean Beach chanting "

Om Namah Shivaya" for a couple of miles, as I walked leisurely along and enjoyed the sunset.  This bhakti yoga practice replaces the garbage thoughts, such as have been accumulated during 67 years mostly spent living in postmodern America. 

     The worthless experience at my private high school in Milwaukee, the failure of the New Age in general to offer me anything of real depth, the insane staff position at Golden Gate University, the 23 years of unpaid service work with Catholic Worker (which the Catholic Church did not appreciate, but only tolerated), and all amidst the alienated, directionless American social experiment in freedom and democracy, reportedly now headed for the far reaches of the Twilight Zone.

     I returned from the beach to my rented room downtown to check the latest news on my laptop computer, and read on NBC that president-elect Donald Trump has Tweeted that he objects to a skit on Saturday Night Live.  The skit satirizes him for, as rumor has it, hiring prostitutes to urinate all over themselves in his presence, which the skit suggests that he found pleasing.

     I have for many years performed Indian based yoga practices, particularly Shaivite practices of a tantric nature which I was introduced to in India in 1994, so that I now have a spiritualized consciousness, as opposed to the thoroughly deranged postmodern alternative.  I encourage everyone worldwide to provide for themselves a spiritualized consciousness, of whatever variety you might choose, so that you "have a place to go to" and thus be able to live satisfactorily in crazy times.

Craig Louis Stehr
San Francisco
Email: CraigStehr@inbox.com

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