Saturday, May 20, 2017

Letter to the editor March 19, 2017

 Mar 19

 Have you ever wondered why radical action in America often doesn't succeed?   I will tell you something:  the problem is the liberal mind and its constant attempt to mollify radical action.  Of course the alt. right is crazy.  But much worse, is the liberal fuck puke that is responsible for radicalism NOT being more effective against the alt. right, and this is because the liberal fuck puke wants all of the credit for effective opposition, and therefore works against radical action.

The liberal fuck puke is inherently stupid.  That is why they do not overcome the alt. right.  Unless you are a total mental fool, you need to go out and destroy that which is against you!  You might consider beginning with the liberal fuck puke.  The alt. right is satisfactorily self-imploding presently, and besides, you can always finish that motherfucker off later.

Happy Vernal Equinox!  
Craig Louis Stehr

San Francisco

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