Saturday, September 15, 2018

Message from Honolulu 9/14/18

Good afternoon from Oahu,
Spent Wednesday night at the Tropics bar on "trivia night". Arrived late, and enjoyed two beers and the sports screens.

Took a walk afterwards to the huge Ala Moana shopping center, and visited Lucky Strike social gathering place, which features an arcade and in the back a long bar with enormous sports screens. Splurged on a pint of Blue Moon and a shot o' 18 yr. old Glenlivet scotch, and then dove into a steak cooked medium rare. Took a cab back and visited 7-11 for a Haagen Dazs ice cream before going to sleep.

Awoke with a mild hangover, and headed over to Zippy's restaurant for a mushroom & choi omelette and coffee. Spent the entire day doing mundane errands such as checking mail and purchasing more health drinks from Safeway. Much later, returned to my air conditioned room at the fabulous Plumeria Alternative Hostel, and whilst fingering my black onyx beads, prayed for this world. Since I can't even manage to get community housing for myself in Washington, D.C. (after 14 times being there with peace & justice/radical environmental activists), I have given up on doing anything further. Instead, I am now wholly given over to God, and am now ignoring my mind's thinking and instead relaxing as best that I can, and letting the Higher Self take over.

Today, I feel good. Solid. Not suffering with thoughts about running out of money and dying. Rather, I feel okay that I went out and binged Wednesday evening, and don't even feel guilty that I frittered $80 away. So, since just about everyone whom I know aren't seriously interested in my mystical and social activism reports, I thought that I would send this message out, because in America, this is where almost everyone is at.

Therefore, please enjoy my update here, and of course if I get another worthy opportunity in life, I will take it. But you know what? I am NOT going to suffer any further over it.

Seriously, it's not really my problem.