Sunday, October 21, 2018

Walking around Honolulu, not identifying with either the body nor the mind.

Spent today walking around Honolulu, not identifying with either the body nor the mind.  Brahman, or the Immortal Self, or the Pure Spirit-Soul, or the Dao, or whatever you wish to call ultimate spiritual reality, did everything.  This includes all thinking.  This includes all physical actions.  
        At precisely 6 P.M. the Plumeria Alternative Hostel held its Saturday BBQ, underneath a mature ficus lyrata tree, with the grill going and the serving table full of salads and sides and a pot of chili and the dessert table was full of pies and cookies and the staff plus regulars plus newcomers all sat down together for one joyful fun evening, as the seasonally cooler Pacific trade winds made it all even more pleasurable.
        The table conversation turned to news from the mainland, after we had shared stories of surfing, beach walks, swimming with large green turtles, purple sunsets, and the social action at area clubs and bars.  We have determined that the "deep state" is 50% real and 50% science fiction.  And we would like you to know that the mid-term elections are not interesting, because the same two party junk bond financed visionless swamp dwellers are still being supported by those who have not woken up yet.  This is just not interesting.  I mean, does anybody really believe that the fate of America hinges on whether the republicans or democrats have the majority in the house of representatives?  And lastly, we don't care one bit about 1.Russian hackers, 2.Stormy Daniels, 3.Trump's dilemma insofar as a southern border wall is concerned, and 4.who comes and goes in the west wing.  Nobody at tonight's Plumeria Alternative Hostel BBQ could seriously care less about any of this!  Maybe we have woken up.  I dunno.  You tell me.
        And so, I sit here this evening in my air conditioned room, enjoying a turmeric and coconut drink and typing up a message which I will send out to the world shortly.  What should I tell the world, except to "stop identifying with the body and the mind and your problem is solved".  It's that simple.  And by the way, please understand that I refuse to feel unhappy because the glacial ice is melting, and sea level rise is a possibility over the next 20 years.  Of course this might happen.  But seriously, if anyone is really concerned about this, why not move to higher ground, or perfect your surfing skills?  Or both?  As we used to say in Berkeley in the 1970s: "It's not the situation, it's your reaction to the situation".  
         And so my fellow citizens, I am available to associate with others to intervene in history.  I have some money, and also could leave Oahu if an opportunity presents itself.  But don't hurry me, y'all.  Tomorrow night is the Sunday Love Feast at the Krishna Temple.  I believe that you get my drift.  ~Mahalo~

Craig Louis Stehr
October 20, 2018

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