Monday, April 8, 2019


Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that I am happily staying as a houseguest in Redwood Valley, CA, glad to have left the depressing confusion of Washington, D.C. on the Spring Equinox March 20th.  Am north of Ukiah, CA in Mendocino county, doing some spring cleaning and fruit tree planting and enjoying the magical environment hereabout...the large turtles in the pond, "Karma" the white rabbit which hops past, a duck, a chicken, and "Chomsky" the German shepherd who is an excellent watchdog, and crows cawing in the redwood trees.

        When not cooking, or making a trip to town for necessaries (which does include the west coast microbrew beer), am identified with the Eternal Witness of the three states of consciousness, not attaching to the body nor the mind.  Sitting on a bench and watching the turtles sunning on a log, fingering the black onyx beads, mind absorbed in the Absolute, no place to go!

         There are  two others in residence here and an assortment of guests come by, plus children visit and use the backyard trampoline, play badminton in the front area, and generally have a good old fashioned time.  And then there are the movies projected on a large living room wall, with a superb sound system.  It's a simple ranch situation, but we get by.  The owner has been here for ten years and has troubleshot just about everything.  A woman who is renting, from Chile, has a turtle tattoo on her inner forearm.  She sings a lot and we call her "The Girl with the Turtle Tattoo".  Between the three of us the place is looking good.  Everything is clean and in order.  Even the laundry room has been reorganized.  

            I am available in this world for whatever is next.  I don't even care anymore what it is, because after 69 years on the planet earth, what could I possibly fear?  I keep sending out the question far and wide about what would we do if we knew that we could not fail, but I get no answers.  So I sit on a bench down by the turtle pond no longer interested in even "being mindful" anymore, because the entire subject of the mind is boring beyond measure.  Maybe the duck is practicing zen.  It looks like it is agitated most of the time.  

              If anybody has a spiritually enlightened offer to make, go ahead and email me at:  Hey, I'm just keeping a ranch full of magical beings company at this time.  What might we do in this world if we knew that we could not fail?  😁

Craig Louis Stehr
April 7, 2019
Redwood Valley, CA