Friday, February 20, 2015

Postmodern Epiphany in B Flat

Postmodern Epiphany in B Flat

Only be identified with that which is
Prior to consciousness, knowing that the
Ether, (which is itself consciousness),
Guarantees the interconnectivity of all,
And therefore fear, which is just another
Dualistic trap anyway, has no basis.  It's
Drama, and the audience left weeks ago.
Neurosis has no friends, and its sister
Little Miss Insanity really is broke, so

She panhandles outside of the night clubs
After midnight in  downtown Oakland, while
A cool moon winks and the people that you
Really want to send off somewhere bug you
For spare dollars and cigarettes.  At that
Moment, in nearby Berkeley, the doors are
Opening to allow the bhaktas to dance with
Lord Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani, at
The same instant that everything else is
Going down worldwide; all over the planet
Earth, or as the poet John Curl once said
To me: "Everything that can happen is
Occurring somewhere all the time!"  So let
Us send postmodernism off with a shrug, a
Footnote in the history of existentialism.
And let us all identify with that which is
Prior to consciousness, free and ecstatic.

Craig Louis Stehr
Berkeley, California

Effective Activism for World Peace, Justice, and Environmental Stability

Rain from the Pineapple Express storm has subsided, and the afternoon sunlight brightens the writer's desk in my room at Berkeley's Piedmont House travelers hostel.  Swami Sivananda's book entitled "Concentration and Meditation" is open.  Practically, it comes down to having a yogic
"double vision", wherein an aspect of the individual is always objectively witnessing, while one performs one's social role well.  This, as opposed to unconsciously acting in a world defined by continuously changing phenomena.

     Cultivating an ongoing meditative awareness, is the critical direction to go, because anything else leaves one unconsciously entangled in samsara, disoriented, and vainly searching for an elixir to remedy the situation.  As the ancient Indian rishis pointed out, there is no elixir!

     Regardless of any other factor, moment to moment to moment, the key is to cultivate an ongoing meditative awareness.  Sages in every tradition have testified that identifying with the superconscious state is liberation from the suffering that results from identification with the body and mind.  As Nisargadatta Maharaj, the cigarette salesman and jnana yoga master from Mumbai, India said: "Stop identifying with the body and mind, and your problem is solved."

     People the world over are concerned about peace and justice, and the condition of the planet earth's environment.  Lately, there is concern about global climate destabilization.  However, without a primary focus on realizing the superconscious state, called "sahaja samadhi avastha", the confusion which characterizes the postmodern global social situation has no possibility of significantly changing.  Unless the individual consciously evolves, this civilization cannot possibly move in a spiritualized direction.

     Therefore, the most profoundly crucial activism is the conscious cultivation of unending meditative awareness.  From that, world peace, justice, and environmental stability may manifest. OM Shanthi

Craig Louis Stehr
February 8th, 2015 A.D.
Snail mail: P.O. Box 809, Berkeley, CA 94701-0809

Abdu'L-Baha Quotation

"Man must be the seeker after the Reality; he must be like the butterfly who is the lover of the light from whatever lamp it may shine, and the nightingale who is the lover of the rose in whatever garden it may grow."


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Ultimate Wisdom of Tao

"The true follower of Tao does not grasp at the Buddha, nor at
bodhisattvas, nor at arhats, nor at the exceeding glories in the three realms.  Attaining transcendental independence and untrammeled freedom, the true follower adheres to nothing.

Even if the universe should collapse, their faith would not falter.  Should all the Buddhas from the ten heavens appear before them, there would not be the slightest elation.  Nor would they experience the slightest fear, should all the demons come out.  How can one be this calm?"
--Linji Yixuan

Nirguna Brahman

The complexity of phenomena has the collective mind mesmerized.  No inkling that it is dream appearance, in spite of the blatant fact that nothing is graspable.  

It is impossible to hold on to anything, including the idea of life on the earth plane.  Nobody can do it.  Nobody ever has been able to do it.  The meditation master warns: "Do not be attached to anything at all!"  

Where are the great teachers right now?  Where are you?  Are you?  Who?  Nirguna Brahman is defined by ancient Indian rishis as "the Absolute without qualities".  You of no caste, take care of your karma, because an angry, mad elephant is waiting.  August 21, 2017 is the next full solar eclipse...the moment when deep understanding coincides with clarification of the Avatar's mission.  Oh warriors for righteousness, be centered and await the sound of the sacred conch shell.

Craig Louis Stehr
San Francisco

Matthew Michel of Occupy D.C. "Completes the Poem"!

All of the environmental complications,and all of the peace and justice related social issues,
are now in a reed basket on a river bank,gently warmed by the sun. 

Please go there and sit down,
and watch your breath effortlessly go in and out of your nose,
as your stomach extends and retracts, extends and retracts,
and it is all witnessed by
Innumerable mother beings
caring for one another,
and the great void.
Awareness and the fundamental realization
lap on the bank, in the weaves of the basket,
and in every ray of light, in all Universes.
Water, basis of most living beings in this world,
curves the light, a subtle dance.  In the sediment,
in the motion of fine particles,
a pattern like the battery of a brain.
Will you have tea, sit by the river?

A nectarine ripens.  The cup is a container for the gem-like
wisdom of the Teachings, vapor before your eyes and
tongue.  A wind casts it beyond.
thanks for reading
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Betreff: Happy New Year

Happy New Year

All of the environmental complications, and all of the peace and justice
related social issues, are now in a reed basket on a river bank, gently warmed by the sun.  Please go there and sit down, and watch your breath effortlessly go in and out of your nose, as your stomach extends and retracts, extends and retracts, and it is all witnessed by...YOU ARE INVITED TO COMPLETE THIS POEM.

~Happy New Year~
Craig Louis Stehr
December 31, 2014
Berkeley, CA, USA
Snail mail: P.O. Box 809,
Berkeley, CA 94701-0809