Monday, September 19, 2016

Beyond the pale...

Please know that I have just left Kabuki Spa in San Francisco's Japan Town. The effort to expel the last of Wednesday night's wild evening of dancing and firewater in North Beach was difficult.

 A totally uncomfortable 110 degree sauna was followed by short very hot steam room visits, and at last a couple of cold plunges before the traditional hot tub finish. Right now, the body is relaxed and the mind is calm and light. Between steam room visits, sat in the rest area and downed a cold bottle of RAW featuring turmeric, ginger, and oil of tangerine plus much more, and after that an Odwalla Superfood (with the complex green ingredients). Later, sat outside of the spa for awhile on a stone bench, enjoying the cool evening breeze. I WILL NEVER TEAR UP THE TOWN LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!
All of the uncertainty, the ton of networking emails sent since July which produced nothing in activist-flattened America during this depressing presidential election season, the haunt of the unknown, the weird worries about aging and death and so on and so forth, everything magnified and distorted in the mental house of mirrors, and then finally clarity came through once more, as today I purchased a one way airplane ticket to Honolulu, leaving behind the mainland struggles early Monday afternoon, 26th of September. Will celebrate my 67th birthday on Wednesday the 28th by doing nothing at all. Open to spirit fully...that's our way! Yes? Happy!! ;-)))))

Craig Louis Stehr
September 19, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just another Saturday night...

A quick note to say that I am moving out of San Francisco's Emperor Norton Travel Inn Monday morning, and going nearby to a travel hostel for one week.  I don't have any idea what the future looks like, but will continue creating space and being spiritually available.  I have sent out an email to say that if anybody has more insight than this, please share the vision.

    Have been attending Catholic Mass at St.Patrick's historic church (across the street from the not so historic Metreon, on Mission Street).  As the priest said in his sermon, we are the Children of the Light!  Our future is not defined by earthly existence only, but in the hereafter also, which gives one an entirely more positive view.  Received Holy Communion to be able to glow a bit more also.

     Am attentive for spiritual instructions tonight, ;-)))))  Craig

Update from Craig in San Francisco...9/17/'16

Good afternoon everyone, I went out to Castro Valley and met with the lead carpenter from Amma's ashram.  We agreed that whereas I am looking for a group with a mystical charism, being at Amma's ashram in a karma yoga program is not appropriate.

  Also, I was at Yogaville in Virginia as a karma yogi 5 times from 1985-1994, with Sri Swami Satchidananda, so I have similar experience already, and do not require more.

     I have just booked a one week reservation in San Francisco across the street from where I presently am staying, extending my stay here 
I am giving this every chance that I can, as I continue to not know what is upcoming.  I have definitely created open free space to be accommodating spiritually.  What else can I do?

     I might wish to return to The Plumeria travel hostel in Honolulu after September 25th.  If anybody has deeper insight than I have, then please inform me.  Wishing everyone the very best.  Yours mystically, Craig

Craig Louis Stehr

Am going to Amma's ashram in San Ramon, CA tomorrow... perform karma yoga and meet the ashram administrator.  It is my wish to live there, because there is nothing satisfying that I am able to find in the larger world, and I need to seriously go in a spiritual direction now, and just keep going!  I pray that this works out and that it leads ever spiritually onward. 

 Thank you very much for your friendship, and I am sorry if ever my behavior, particularly networking emails, were bothersome.  

Stay in touch, Craig. Sept 16, 2016

8:00 A.M. Thursday 9/15/'16 San Francisco.

September 15, 2016 Am back in my Emperor Norton Travel Inn room in SF...following a night of drinking beer and dancing in North Beach.  Met a wild woman at Tupelo's on Grant Street, and gave her my email address.  

Took a taxi to Grubsteak for a late night breakfast (the cabbie dropped me off there in error, since I asked to be taken to Pinecrest, Mason & Geary).  I need to move out of the travel inn

     Am awaiting responses from the networking emails that I've sent out.  Where do we go?  Where do we go?  Where do we go from here?

Craig Louis Stehr

Will you be staying at D.C.'s Trump Tower?

Trump Tower opened on September 12th at the old post office location (near where we had D.C. Occupy on Freedom Plaza).  I heard it's only $800 nightly, with the larger suites available during the inauguration for 1/2 million per night.  I'm not sure what the "minimum stay" is there...probably five nights.  However, instead of taking a guest towel as a a souvenir, one could sneak out a chandelier!   ;-)))))

Demonic Destroying Mahamantram

I am scheduled to leave the Emperor Norton Travel Inn in downtown San Francisco at 11 A.M.on Monday September 19th.  I am seeking others who are spiritually centered internally, and thus we may go where we need to go and do what we need to do as a nomadic action group.  I have sufficient money to maintain myself.  If this interests you, go ahead and contact me