Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Brief History of Washington D.C.'s Olive Branch Catholic Worker House

Just sitting here in my room in San Francisco, remembering the five times I was at Washington D.C.'s Olive Branch Catholic Worker House at 11th & M Streets in the Shaw neighborhood, beginning in June of 1991. 

Formerly Olive Branch Catholic Worker House
Initially, the district's Catholic Worker group moved out to a more comfortable location, and then claimed that they had succeeded mightily by turning over the house to the homeless whom they had taken in, thus doubling in size the Washington D.C. Catholic Worker group, housing formerly homeless individuals, and pulling off a small miracle essentially.

     Reality is that the group did in fact move to a more comfortable house in a higher income neighborhood.  Otherwise, the Olive Branch Catholic Worker House was a crack house!  The previously homeless residents never joined with the Catholic Worker volunteers who showed up to volunteer at Zacchaeus Kitchen, and who were initially unaware of the crazy situation in the house.  If that weren't bad enough, an assortment of feminists moved in, taking advantage of the rent free living situation, and none of them gave a shit about anything spiritual at all, and they did no service work.  The ensuing chaos from their aggravating anti-social behavior, (supposedly appropriate to uplift downtrodden women everywhere) made the house rat population look friendly.  At war with the crackheads, the punk bitches moved out and the rats stayed.

     And then something actually worthwhile happened around April 16, 2000.  For three days thousands shut down Washington D.C. in protest of the World Bank-International Monetary Fund policies.  We had the Midnight Special Law Collective in the front room downstairs.  We had a media center set up two blocks away in Blagden Alley in an artist collective studio.  We housed an endless stream of direct action oriented radical environmentalists and the black bloc.  We shut down Washington D.C. for three days and informed the whole world about the global situation of materialism's insanity.  Finally, the Olive Branch Catholic Worker House was important.  I guess Jesus just woke up!!

     Later, the house was used by anarchists to challenge Washington D.C. city government insofar as the mistreatment of the homeless population was concerned.  Eventually, the Metropolitan Police Department raided the house, tossed everyone out onto the sidewalk, boarded up the front door, and pressured the owner into selling the building.  Currently, the building is divided up into condominiums.  Jesus moved out.  We don't know where He went.  

~End of Story~

Craig Louis Stehr
October 17, 2017
San Francisco


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Letter to the editor March 19, 2017

 Mar 19

 Have you ever wondered why radical action in America often doesn't succeed?   I will tell you something:  the problem is the liberal mind and its constant attempt to mollify radical action.  Of course the alt. right is crazy.  But much worse, is the liberal fuck puke that is responsible for radicalism NOT being more effective against the alt. right, and this is because the liberal fuck puke wants all of the credit for effective opposition, and therefore works against radical action.

The liberal fuck puke is inherently stupid.  That is why they do not overcome the alt. right.  Unless you are a total mental fool, you need to go out and destroy that which is against you!  You might consider beginning with the liberal fuck puke.  The alt. right is satisfactorily self-imploding presently, and besides, you can always finish that motherfucker off later.

Happy Vernal Equinox!  
Craig Louis Stehr

San Francisco

Chanting in the Abyss of Postmodernism

March 14, 2017. Woke up this morning and immediately began mentally silently repeating the Krishna mahamantram: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.  The performance of japa (chanting) will continue until laying down the body in the bed for rest tonight.  And then upon awakening in the morning, immediately beginning mentally silently repeating the Krishna mahamantram until laying down the body in the bed for rest at night.

 Considering the stupidity of postmodernism, there is no reason for me to follow any other spiritual path in the forseeable future.  I am sending out this email update because I have been receiving messages from many of my associations regarding how I am doing generally, what my current views are socio-politically, what I believe ought to be done in lieu of the Trumpocalypse and its deconstruction of all environmental governmental entities, and lastly, inquiries as to where precisely I am at spiritually nowadays.    

Please know that I have a lease at a travel inn located in the lower Nob Hill section of San Francisco until June 1st.  I have no plans beyond that.  All creative suggestions will be considered.  What would you like to do?

Craig Louis Stehr  EMAIL:
March 14, 2017
 Mechanics Institute Library San Francisco

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"O Shiva, you have produced a three-world drama which has in its interior Maya as the source of all the existents.  You have presented the introductory portion of the drama.  

Where is the creative artist other than yourself who can bring about its conclusion?"  ~Shiva-Sutras, Section III, Anavopaya, Sutra 9). 

Source: "Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity", translated by Jaideva Singh, p. 153.  Motilal Banarsidass, First Edition: Delhi 1979.  (Introductory Blessing: Swami Muktananda).

Yogic Wisdom for the American Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2017

1/20/17 "Birth and death, bondage and freedom, pleasure and pain, gain and loss, are mental creations.  

Transcend the pairs of opposites.  You were never born.  You will never die.  Thou art the immortal Self always, O Prem!  

Thou art ever free in the three periods of time.  It is the physical body that goes and comes."  

~Swami Sivananda, (Founder of the Divine Life Society, Muni-ki-Reti, India)

CA Taxpayers Targeted by State to "Double Pay"

Please know that I met with the branch manager of the Berkeley, CA Mechanics Bank today.  We had a thorough conversation, in regard to my being harassed by the State of California to essentially "double pay" the sum of $51 plus interest, my tax liability for 2014.  

     We agree that the State of California is guilty of sending out notices to collect back taxes that have already been paid, thereby profiting from all of the fools who send in another check, for whatever reason, such as to not be further bothered, or because they are senile, or just too lazy to research their tax records.  For whatever reason, it is clear that the State of California is receiving double payment from California citizens, which is more than morally wrong.  It's criminal!

     To that effect, I have an understanding with Mechanics Bank that if I should receive another bogus demand from the State of California to inappropriately double pay my 2014 tax liability, the bank will assist me in a lawsuit, and will also accompany me into the San Francisco offices of the FBI to demand a federal investigation.  Please know that the Berkeley tax preparer whom I used has already telephoned Sacramento several times to complain that I am being asked to pay what I have already paid in full.  The proof of payment plus letters from the state have been faxed back to Sacramento for their perusal, so that they could adjust their records insofar as my account is concerned, and thus not send me any further inappropriate notices (which I could only satisfy by idiotically double paying).

     If I do NOT receive any further bogus notices from the State of California, then this matter is ended.  If however I do receive another one, Mechanics Bank agrees that we are "going to war with the State of California".  ~End of Message~

Craig Louis Stehr
January 18, 2017
Snail mail: P.O. Box 809, Berkeley, CA 94701-0809

Spiritualizing Consciousness in Postmodern America

     With the 45th American presidential inauguration upcoming, I spent the afternoon at San Francisco's Ocean Beach chanting "

Om Namah Shivaya" for a couple of miles, as I walked leisurely along and enjoyed the sunset.  This bhakti yoga practice replaces the garbage thoughts, such as have been accumulated during 67 years mostly spent living in postmodern America. 

     The worthless experience at my private high school in Milwaukee, the failure of the New Age in general to offer me anything of real depth, the insane staff position at Golden Gate University, the 23 years of unpaid service work with Catholic Worker (which the Catholic Church did not appreciate, but only tolerated), and all amidst the alienated, directionless American social experiment in freedom and democracy, reportedly now headed for the far reaches of the Twilight Zone.

     I returned from the beach to my rented room downtown to check the latest news on my laptop computer, and read on NBC that president-elect Donald Trump has Tweeted that he objects to a skit on Saturday Night Live.  The skit satirizes him for, as rumor has it, hiring prostitutes to urinate all over themselves in his presence, which the skit suggests that he found pleasing.

     I have for many years performed Indian based yoga practices, particularly Shaivite practices of a tantric nature which I was introduced to in India in 1994, so that I now have a spiritualized consciousness, as opposed to the thoroughly deranged postmodern alternative.  I encourage everyone worldwide to provide for themselves a spiritualized consciousness, of whatever variety you might choose, so that you "have a place to go to" and thus be able to live satisfactorily in crazy times.

Craig Louis Stehr
San Francisco