Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Immortality Is Us

Twelve hours since waking up in my peaceful room in Honolulu, still   
watching the activity of the mind.  

Regardless, we are not these bodies, and we are not these minds.  
We are never the appearance of playing any part whatsoever in the social life's dramatics.  The entire worldly play must be objectively witnessed!   

There is nothing else to be achieved.  If you want to help this world, then be established in the fourth dimension.  

Craig Louis Stehr
March 13, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Through a 'fiddichian penumbra.

Hey what the fuck, y'all?  How was your day?  I just got back from Honolulu's Chinatown, and enjoyed being at "Proof", a cool bar in an alley off of a street whose name I don't even begin to recall.  [This is NOT Waikiki Beach.]  Enjoyed a shot o' Glenfiddich 15 yr. old, and heartily ate a smoked duck 'n bacon on sourdough sandwich, with a pint of local beer of course.  Tripped on out of there, and meandered back to my place.

     Just sitting here at the computer, wondering why anybody takes any shit from anybody else, for any reason whatsoever.  It just dawned on me that the only mistake I ever made in my whole life, is that I did not just haul off and punch as hard as possible the first jackass who gave me his (or her) shit!  I should have laid the motherfucker out flat.

     I want everyone involved in the ongoing struggle of peace & justice activism, and radical environmentalism, during these postmodern crazy times, to attack the hell out of the problem in front of your face as hard as possible, and if you don't want to do this, then go somewhere else and do something that you might be good at.

     Hey, that's where I am at right now, at 9:53 P.M. on the island of O'ahu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Is that okay with you?  It's way way way okay with me.  Hip Hop the planet, and don't be late.

Craig Louis Stehr
November 6, 2018
Honolulu, Hawaii

Email: craiglouisstehr@gmail.com

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Leaving El Dorado

It's been almost thirteen months since I signed a lease at the Emperor Norton Inn at Post & Taylor in the heart of San Francisco.  Spent most of the time sending out networking emails far and wide, waiting to see if anything of importance developed from all of the conversations, and daily went to St. Patrick's Catholic church in the evenings to enjoy a higher plane of reality.
   On January 1st, I'll be flying on United Airlines to Honolulu, staying again at the excellent alternative Plumeria Travel Hostel on Piikoi Street.  

Whereas I do not have any further reason to be living on the U.S. mainland, this move is auspicious.  I am looking forward to my final chapter on the earth plane; I'm ready, wherever it goes.

     Wishing everybody a joy-filled Christmas season, and as we witness the collapse of postmodernism, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    For those wishing to join with me in getting their inner hula on, email me at CraigStehr@inbox.com.  ~Aloha~

Man is in Pain, 1955

Philip Lamantia

Man is in pain
ten bright balls bat the air
falling through the window
on which his double leans a net the air made
to catch the ten bright balls

Man is a room
where the malefic hand turns a knob
on the unseen unknown double's door

Man is in pain
with his navel hook caught on a stone quarry
where ten bright balls chose to land
AND where the malefic hand carves
on gelatinous air THE WINDOW
to slam shut on his shadow's tail

ten bright balls bounce into the unseen
unknown double's net
Man is a false window
through which his double walks to the truth
that falls as ten bright balls
the malefic hand tossed into the air
Man is in pain
ten bright spikes nailed to the door

Truth Not Realized

"The depth and solidity of substance in the world is similar to the distance and substantiality of things seen in a mirror.  The truth is not realized in life because the body of the observer is itself involved in this reflected appearance called the world."

~Swami Krishnananda  (General Secretary of the Divine Life Society in Muni-ki-Reti, India from 1958-2001.

Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krishnananda_Saraswati

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Eternal Witness

When I was performing karma yoga at the Yogaville Community in Buckingham, Virginia in the fall of 1993, the "guru who opened Woodstock", namely Sri Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj was answering questions in Sivananda Hall.  A woman  visitor asked, "What is God?"  The guru replied, "God is the eternal witness."

Twentyfour years later, today was spent riding around on San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit trains with no particular destination.  Deboarding on to buses and visiting various east bay locations at random, resulted in a wonderful afternoon, enjoying the light rain and frequenting bookstores and coffee houses.  Continuously watching the mental factory produce thoughts, not attaching to any of them, while observing the activity all around me.  

Additionally, I am wearing a large silver pendant of Jesus Christ crowned with thorns and radiating light, the ultimate symbol of non-attachment!  My Catholic rosary beads are skulls carved from ox bone, reminiscent of Saint Francis contemplating a skull and pondering the inherent emptiness of all phenomena.  Mind absorbed in the Absolute, no place to go.
 Everyone on the earth plane is welcome to stop identifying with the body and the mind.  

All sages and saints recommend identifying with the eternal witness, and thus be free from rotting in the quagmire of samsara.  Spiritual masters of various traditions whom I have asked, shared with me that if you really want to save this world, then liberate yourself first.  It's just a matter of having the courage to be what you are.

Craig Louis Stehr
November 26, 2017
San Francisco
Email: CraigStehr@inbox.com