Monday, January 6, 2020

Rejecting Existential Pointlessness, and Coming into the Light

Spent the evening attending Honolulu's Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Mass, with the priest enjoining everyone to turn to the Light and no longer live in darkness.  There was an Epiphany Homily by Pope Francis in the church bulletin which stated: "Do we know how to dream, to long for God,...or do we let ourselves be swept along by life, like dry branches before the wind?  The Magi were not content with just getting by, with keeping afloat.  They understood that to truly live, we need a lofty goal and we need to keep looking up."  
       It's another balmy evening on Oahu, with cool trade winds and the palm trees gently swaying, island flowers abloom and the many varieties of birds singing, Polynesian sunsets and the scent of the luau feast is in the air.  Lots of island fruits and vegetables accompany daily meals, with Hawaiian specialties available at the corner markets.  And the coffee is the best.  Endless quantities of Hawaiian brewed beer too.  T-shirts read: "We don't skinny dip.  We chunky dunk!"  And there is the vast Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii, which stretches for thousands of miles. 
       The evening news on the big screens at the sports bars at Waikiki Beach keep everyone advised of the intolerable stupidity of politics in Washington, D.C., the fact that nuclear war and global climate destabilization remain poised to destroy all, that America's moral compass has been lost, that social alienation in a capitalist pyramid is now permanent, and ignoring the situation isn't going to work.  And then, it is back to cheeseburgers and surfing videos.  
         If you have realized that we are going to be present for the grand finale of this absurd worldly spectacle, and if you are clear about being centered in your own inner Light to take action from there, then let us organize oursleves while there appears to be time to do so.   We require collective inner guidance and spontaneous action!  Contact me when you believe that we have reached the point of critical mass.  ~Mahalo~

Craig Louis Stehr
January 5th, 2020 Anno Domini

Sunday, January 5, 2020


Mind is nothing but thought. If there is thought, mind is. The moment thought ceases, mind ceases to be.
- Swami Chidananda

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Gensei Instructs

My poems, they’re poems too;
Some people even call them hymns.
Poems and hymns are on the whole alike
When you read them you’ve got
To go at it with care,
Slowly, slowly, carefully probing
Don’t rashly assume it’s all simple and easy.
Use poems to learn how to practice the Way
Then you’ll find it a hugely laughable affair!
- Gensei (1623-1668)

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

~Merry Christmas~

On the eve of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, am at The Plumeria Hostel Alternative in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It was time to move on from 40 years of living over the edge in postmodern America so that peace & justice activism and radical environmentalism could be fully participated in.  So after two previous visits, the move is now complete with SSA/SSI benefits transferred, the Hawaii SNAP (food stamps) eligibility interview is Thursday morning, and I've joined the housekeeping team here to earn money so that I have some.  [This entailed paying $20 to the Hawaii Department of Taxation, in order to officially become an independent contractor.]  
         Meanwhile, am identified with The Eternal Witness, regardless of general mental turbulance accompanied by a variety of mental states which range from mild nervousness to anger at just about everything political.  I've stopped reading the news.  Feelings of extreme aggression in response to the insane global military binge are subsiding this week.  I mean, if the human race destroys this conflicted civilization, and the planet earth's ecosystem as well, why should my gentle mind suffer because of it?  Fortunately, this physical body is in good condition.  Otherwise, Kaiser Permanente medical center (where I've got a senior HMO membership) is one block away.  
          On the eve of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, I am actually excited to be moving on to my next highest good, and beyond that, am looking forward some day to mahasamadhi; that's yoga talk for going into a deep meditation and never coming out of it.  I think that I'd like to go where Jesus went.  How's that for a retirement plan?  ~Merry Christmas~😀

Craig Louis Stehr
December 24, 2019

Monday, December 23, 2019

Swami Sivananda Instructs

The Jiva (Individual Soul) melted in the fire of Jnana, kindled by Sravana etc., is cleansed of all impurities and shines by himself like burnt gold. The Atman is the sun of knowledge that rises in the Akasa of the heart, destroys the darkness of ignorance, permeates and supports all, shines and makes everything shine. That actionless Paramahamsa who has given up the limitations of direction, place, time etc., who worships and attains the Atma which is all-pervading, eternal, bliss, spotless, and which destroys cold etc., becomes all-knowing, all-pervading, and immortal.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Swami Chidananda Spells it Out!

You always focus upon the human consciousness and give it power which it does not really have. If the same focus of attention and importance were directed to your Divinity, the whole situation would change here and now!
- Swami Chidananda

Friday, December 20, 2019

Zen Master Kakua Instructs


I've crossed the sea after Truth,
Knowledge, that snare, must be defied.
Here and there,
I've worn out heaps of sandals.
Now, moonlit water in the clear abyss.
- Kakua