Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Celebrating Guan Yin's Birthday March 27, 2016

Warmest spiritual greetings, Water-Moon Goddess Guan Yin's birthday is celebrated this year on March 27th.  This day is ultra-auspicious, and is a rare opportunity to express your love for the reflection of the spiritual Absolute, who gazes at the reflection of the moon in water (which symbolizes the inherent emptiness of all phenomena).  Her smile imparts confidence, for all activities in the defense of Mother Earth.

Her mantram is: Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa

Lotus Sutra, Chapter 25, the Universal Door Chapter (part 1): http://online.sfsu.edu/rone/Buddhism/BTTStexts/Lotus25a.htm
Lotus Sutra, Chapter 25, the Universal Door Chapter (part 2): http://online.sfsu.edu/rone/Buddhism/BTTStexts/Lotus25b.htm

Historical information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanyin


Sunday, February 14, 2016

FERC Valentine Project: Bringing Our Love to the Homes of FERC Commissioners!

 Send A Valentine Message to the FERC Commissioners at their Home Addresses!

Tell FERC commissioners that pipelines, LNG, compressor stations and fracking are no “Love Story” for front-line communities. This Valentine’s Day, send a message to FERC commissioners at their homes!
We protect what we love, and we expect FERC to do the same.

Grab your paste, markers, fancy doily hearts and construction paper, and pour your hearts out.
Here's what to do in 6 steps.
1.) Create your Valentine Messages for the FERC commissioners. The more personalized, the better. You can make your own, or you can download one already made here
2.) Take pictures of your Valentine Messages. They can be pictures of the messages alone, or selfies of you holding the messages--whichever you prefer.
3.) Send your messages to the home addresses of the four FERC commissioners. Each commissioner has two addresses--one outside DC, and one inside DC. Send your messages to as many of the addresses as you'd like. The more, the better. These addresses can be found on the instructions flyer above and in the link below.
4.) If you use Twitter, tweet your pictures at the FERC commissioners. More instructions are in the flyer above and  the link below.
5.) If you use Facebook, share your pictures there as well. More instructions are in the flyer above and the link below.
6.) Let us know you sent your messages by e-mailing your pictures to Actions@BeyondExtremeEnergy.org. Please include your name and where you're from. Please send only those things which you're comfortable having shared online.  
 Please click here for all the details, including home addresses and twitter handles.
Much gratitude to the people who worked together to make this project happen!

Please share this e-mail with all of your networks. :

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm Seeking a Creative Opportunity by Noon on Sunday

Hello everybody, I am booked into Berkeley, California's Piedmont House travel hostel until Sunday January 17, 2016 I am able to go to the SFO airport and fly to either the New York City~Washington D.C. region to participate in more frontline radical environmental-peace and justice activities.  

Or, I could consider any other worthwhile situation.  

Or, I could continue drinking "Trouble Coffee" at San Francisco's Ocean Beach, watching the eternal witness watch thoughts, which just float on past continuously.

Feel free to contact me at CraigStehr@inbox.com, or telephone 510-849-4800 and chat it up with the outstanding staff who maintain Berkeley's most significant bohemian residence, and leave me a message for room Lucky 13.  But you better hurry, because in addition to my guest reservation being up in 38 1/2 hours, the travel hostel is up for sale.  Hey, nobody here actually knows what is going to happen in the next five minutes!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Abbot Lau Defines "Wu Wei" Precisely

In conversation with Abbot Lau at The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talmage, California, I asked him if the Daoist term "Wu Wei" had a more coherent English translation than "doing nothing".  

Understanding that the practice is to not follow the impulses of the ego, or mind, and instead allow the Dao (spiritual absolute, God, divine essence, etcetera) to use the body and mind as its instrument for carrying out the higher will, Abbot Lau said to me: "A better English translation of "Wu Wei" is 'non-interference'.  If anybody comes here doing nothing, they will be shown out!"

Craig Louis Stehr
EMAIL: CraigStehr@inbox.com
January 15, 2016

This just in...Environmental justice leaders to converge on all EPA regional headquarters Jan. 19, challenge Obama’s “Clean Power Plan"

The environmental justice leaders of the Climate Justice Alliance will organize peaceful public actions in all 10 EPA headquarters across the country on January 19, 2016. 

This mass movement for clean energy and local, living economies offers praise, criticism, and a different path forward as the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan moves into its implementation phase this year.

Is Anything Rad Happening on the East Coast Anymore?

Warmest spiritual greetings, 
Am sitting here at a computer at the Berkeley Public Library, enjoying kind of a balmy day following a light rain.  Might go again to walk the length of Ocean Beach, but I don't need it.  

Not really interested in hanging out in a hardcore bar in the Mission neighborhood either.
I have given money to the Piedmont House travel hostel, and am chillin' in room Lucky 13 until January 17th  

 I can afford to go to the SFO airport and get on an airplane, and like, go somewhere and be active in a radically environmental manner.  I could also be somewhere participating in related peace and justice activities, since now we all know that you cannot really separate the ecology from the society; I mean, not really.

     You may contact me at this email address: CraigStehr@inbox.com, or telephone Piedmont House at 510-849-4800 and chat it up with all of the cool people there who keep the hostel hummin'.  And please leave a message for me, which will help to determine precisely what I can do next to contribute.  Like, it would be just insane to wait for spring.  

What's wrong with now?  After all, the politicians aren't taking the winter season off.
While anticipating tonight's Powerball drawing, I lots of time to read emails.  So go ahead and send me one.  Considering the fact that nothing is happening of any critical nature on the eastern seaboard right now, and like, the president said last night that everything is basically fine, go ahead and send me an email message.  I'll answer it.  And then we can all be active again in support of Mother Earth, and we can be for one another, and love all, and be enlightened, and drop these bodies and minds and go up.  

Aren't you just superstoked? Let's go!!

Craig Louis Stehr
January 13, 2016
EMAIL: CraigStehr@inbox.com

Into the Mystic

Thanks to everyone for your emails, and to Jesse Schultz for his invitation to camp with he, Pepper, and the cat outside of the Washington D.C. beltway.

     Am still at Berkeley's Piedmont House until noon Sunday the 17th and have no plan at all beyond that.  Spent this morning at the Kabuki Spa in San Francisco's Japantown, watching six pounds of water go down the drain, and later in the day wandered around the Mission in a serene condition, before returning to the east bay.  Went to sleep at  8:30pm because I don't have anything else to do.  Awoke at midnight and am presently on the travel hostel's guest computer.

     Watching random thoughts all the time, not identifying with the body nor the mind, enjoying the annual free trip around the sun, casting aside the irrelevance of postmodernism, unconcerned with the idiocy of the political primaries, lost track of the world economy weeks ago, have no reason to pay attention to the weather, abandoning the stupidity of conventional behaviour, (never really wanting to be an automaton-with-skin anyway), awaiting the new issue of the Earth First! Journal, I wish you insight beyond the point of no return.

Craig Louis Stehr
January 12th, 2016