Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bliss Divine

at an outside
Table in perfect sunny
Lightly cool weather,
Microsoft laptop on,
The German shepherd
Is napping on the porch,
The duck and chicken are
Elsewhere, and the large
Bunny rabbit is up at the top
Of the driveway guarding the
Magic Ranch in Redwood Valley. 
Birds are chirping.
I am happy.
Craig Louis Stehr
May 7, 2019
Redwood Valley, California

Monday, April 8, 2019


Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that I am happily staying as a houseguest in Redwood Valley, CA, glad to have left the depressing confusion of Washington, D.C. on the Spring Equinox March 20th.  Am north of Ukiah, CA in Mendocino county, doing some spring cleaning and fruit tree planting and enjoying the magical environment hereabout...the large turtles in the pond, "Karma" the white rabbit which hops past, a duck, a chicken, and "Chomsky" the German shepherd who is an excellent watchdog, and crows cawing in the redwood trees.

        When not cooking, or making a trip to town for necessaries (which does include the west coast microbrew beer), am identified with the Eternal Witness of the three states of consciousness, not attaching to the body nor the mind.  Sitting on a bench and watching the turtles sunning on a log, fingering the black onyx beads, mind absorbed in the Absolute, no place to go!

         There are  two others in residence here and an assortment of guests come by, plus children visit and use the backyard trampoline, play badminton in the front area, and generally have a good old fashioned time.  And then there are the movies projected on a large living room wall, with a superb sound system.  It's a simple ranch situation, but we get by.  The owner has been here for ten years and has troubleshot just about everything.  A woman who is renting, from Chile, has a turtle tattoo on her inner forearm.  She sings a lot and we call her "The Girl with the Turtle Tattoo".  Between the three of us the place is looking good.  Everything is clean and in order.  Even the laundry room has been reorganized.  

            I am available in this world for whatever is next.  I don't even care anymore what it is, because after 69 years on the planet earth, what could I possibly fear?  I keep sending out the question far and wide about what would we do if we knew that we could not fail, but I get no answers.  So I sit on a bench down by the turtle pond no longer interested in even "being mindful" anymore, because the entire subject of the mind is boring beyond measure.  Maybe the duck is practicing zen.  It looks like it is agitated most of the time.  

              If anybody has a spiritually enlightened offer to make, go ahead and email me at:  Hey, I'm just keeping a ranch full of magical beings company at this time.  What might we do in this world if we knew that we could not fail?  😁

Craig Louis Stehr
April 7, 2019
Redwood Valley, CA

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

First Day of Spring!

First day of spring, the last bit o' nip still in the air.  Ducks on the stream float past.  The crow caws.  Buds on the trees are peeking out.  It's green all around here in Redwood Valley, California.  The air is clear.  A white rabbit hops by, needing nothing, content, and going somewhere.  Sunny, with a light blue sky filled with fluffy clouds.  It's quiet here.

         Arrived last night from the other side of the continent, having been a part of the Peace Vigil in front of the White House for the 15th time.  And every time it becomes more difficult to really understand what exactly it is that we are protesting.  The object of our collective dissent is ever more difficult to define ongoing.  The current political landscape in Washington, D.C. is characterized by an irrationality that is vast.  The Peace Vigil, begun in 1981, continues decade after decade around the clock, as a witness to a national capital whose soul has left, and only the outer shell remains.  

          And so, the first day of spring is being celebrated in a sunny back yard, three thousand miles away from Capitol Hill, with music and tea and a big white rabbit.  And good it is! 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Flying in the Face of Evil Insanity

I understand that  I said to the DC IMC that I would not use the website for personal messaging.  

And the DC IMC understands that I am in D.C. for the 15th time, since volunteering at Olive Branch Catholic Worker House in June of 1991, and that I cannot simply do nothing while waiting for God Almighty to provide me with basic living circumstances, in order to be active on the peace & justice and radical environmental frontlines. ''

Therefore, I have been posting brief messages on the D.C. IMC.  I am booked into a D.C. travel hostel until the Spring Equinox, and a longtime eco-anarchist friend is checking around the group housing scene for a possible place for me to go to.  

Tell Catholic Worker that they may assist in my getting a longer term situation.  After all, they owe me for bottomlining at Zacchaeus Kitchen while living in what was essentially a crack house on 11th Street in Shaw.  

I'll also take cooperation from anybody previously associated with Occupy in D.C.  Having bottomlined the pots 'n pans washing station for months, I have a sane right to request cooperation from everybody.  Unfortunately, many of us were NOT welcome at the places Occupiers went after the forced removal at McPherson Square, and the permit ran out and it started snowing on Freedom Plaza.  

Apparently I was not pro-Palestinian enough for Code Pink, which is bullshit, since I was the only one publicly supporting Hamas.  Lastly, my apologies to Eddie Becker for inconveniencing you in my continuing to place "personal messages" on the DC IMC website. 

On the other hand, dualistically speaking, if God Almighty gets off of her ass and provides me with the necessary situation for the remainder of this human incarnation, then much that is incredible and positive will be received as a result from me.  

Thank you for your appreciation, and continued solidarity in the face of the evil insanity in this world.  

Yours sincerely, Craig Louis Stehr


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Mind Watching on Oahu

Sunday morning 7 a.m.
Only the sound of the birds
And the room fan

Craig Louis Stehr


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Message to Postmodern America

I have asked everyone to pray to God so that I receive adequate social living circumstances in Washington, D.C., which would allow me to continue being active on the peace & justice and radical environmental frontlines. 
 I have given up on networking to get a situation in Washington, D.C. because it just doesn't happen, no matter what. 

 Therefore, I am spending all of my time in Hawaii right now watching the mind. I am spending all of my time watching thoughts. I don't want to be attached to the miserable spectacle which postmodern America has become. I am biding my time in Hawaii, and am willing to leave here if I receive solidarity. 

 At the moment, I am receiving nothing, in spite of having been to Washington, D.C. 14 times since performing service work there in July of 1991 with Catholic Worker. It is incomprehensible to me that I am not being valued, having as I do, a significant record for activism and also creatively writing about it. 

 Again, I don't fully know what the hell is the matter with postmodern America. I think that my entire situation is weirder than fuck, and I am only interested in not being attached to any of it. Maybe I figured something out at last! 

 What do you think?

Craig Louis Stehr
November 18, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Walking around Honolulu, not identifying with either the body nor the mind.

Spent today walking around Honolulu, not identifying with either the body nor the mind.  Brahman, or the Immortal Self, or the Pure Spirit-Soul, or the Dao, or whatever you wish to call ultimate spiritual reality, did everything.  This includes all thinking.  This includes all physical actions.  
        At precisely 6 P.M. the Plumeria Alternative Hostel held its Saturday BBQ, underneath a mature ficus lyrata tree, with the grill going and the serving table full of salads and sides and a pot of chili and the dessert table was full of pies and cookies and the staff plus regulars plus newcomers all sat down together for one joyful fun evening, as the seasonally cooler Pacific trade winds made it all even more pleasurable.
        The table conversation turned to news from the mainland, after we had shared stories of surfing, beach walks, swimming with large green turtles, purple sunsets, and the social action at area clubs and bars.  We have determined that the "deep state" is 50% real and 50% science fiction.  And we would like you to know that the mid-term elections are not interesting, because the same two party junk bond financed visionless swamp dwellers are still being supported by those who have not woken up yet.  This is just not interesting.  I mean, does anybody really believe that the fate of America hinges on whether the republicans or democrats have the majority in the house of representatives?  And lastly, we don't care one bit about 1.Russian hackers, 2.Stormy Daniels, 3.Trump's dilemma insofar as a southern border wall is concerned, and 4.who comes and goes in the west wing.  Nobody at tonight's Plumeria Alternative Hostel BBQ could seriously care less about any of this!  Maybe we have woken up.  I dunno.  You tell me.
        And so, I sit here this evening in my air conditioned room, enjoying a turmeric and coconut drink and typing up a message which I will send out to the world shortly.  What should I tell the world, except to "stop identifying with the body and the mind and your problem is solved".  It's that simple.  And by the way, please understand that I refuse to feel unhappy because the glacial ice is melting, and sea level rise is a possibility over the next 20 years.  Of course this might happen.  But seriously, if anyone is really concerned about this, why not move to higher ground, or perfect your surfing skills?  Or both?  As we used to say in Berkeley in the 1970s: "It's not the situation, it's your reaction to the situation".  
         And so my fellow citizens, I am available to associate with others to intervene in history.  I have some money, and also could leave Oahu if an opportunity presents itself.  But don't hurry me, y'all.  Tomorrow night is the Sunday Love Feast at the Krishna Temple.  I believe that you get my drift.  ~Mahalo~

Craig Louis Stehr
October 20, 2018