Monday, November 10, 2014

What's the holdup here???!@?

Huh? What the Freakin' F*ck??

Warmest spiritual greetings, Please understand that last night I placed a two line announcement on the Washington D.C. Independent Media Center news wire.  My brief message was that I am available to go to the district for participation in frontline radical environmental direct action.  I asked to be contacted via my email address.  This morning, I discovered that some insane, stupid, counterrevolutionary motherfucker had taken my networking message off of the news wire.
I want you to contact the DC IMC at, and tell them that if you only wanted news stories, you could be better served by CNN.  Also, please inform them that we all got the IMC network going many years ago, because we recognized a need for a more radically conscious news network.  And tell the DC IMC to kick out of the collective what one of my anarchist women friends refers to as "that crazy bitch who never did like any of us who came to D.C. to help, and sabotages our efforts even now!"

I am presently at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, packed and ready to return to Washington D.C. for the seventh time.  Before the planet earth literally melts down and everything here is compromised, I ask that the genuine international radical milieu appreciate my continuing willingness to be involved, and that I am not interested in taking retirement at age 65.  I am NOT "thanking you in advance for your cooperation".  If you need to get that from me, kill yourself!  Craig Louis Stehr, November 10, 2014

Craig Louis Stehr
Snail mail: P.O. Box 11406, c/o NOSCW,
Berkeley, CA 94712-2406

These Are Your Final Instructions

"The physical body appears only in the present.  A thing which has neither past nor future must be considered as non-existent in the present also.  If you think over deeply, with pure intelligence, you will find atyanta abhava (complete non-existence) for the world."
~Swami Sivananda  Webpage:

The Bhagavad Gita - Song of God - Chapter 17: 2-3


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UP-DATE FROM MARK CREEK-WATER, Part 2...Great Climate March Protest

UP-DATE FROM MARK CREEK-WATER, Part 2...Great Climate March Protest.

if u read my first UP-DATE, then u know that i promised to tell u in this UP-DATE #2   WHAT-HAPPEN'D-TODAY-AFTER-4pm ...
the SIGNAL to act came when folks started chant-ing "OFF OF THE SIDE-WALK AND IN-TO THE STREET !!" ... sudden-ly we were in motion:  approx 150 folks headed west-ward-ly on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ... "whose streets ??  OUR streets !!" ... our destination:  MONSANTO's offices ... after several wrong turns, due to  folks not actual-ly know-ing where these offices are located, we were back in front of the WHITE HOUSE again, then headed "up" to 13th street + I ["eye"] street, where, evident-ly, the offices are located ... 
of course, the police were follow-ing us:  approx. 10 or more police-cars, with sirens blare-ing ... very-intelligent-ly, they made no attempt to stop us:  instead, they were stop-ing traffic to allow us to proceed on our merry way ... at several points we were march-ing against traffic, weave-ing between the many cars who were STUCK IN GRID-LOCK:  the normal grid-lock which happens every work-day here in the big city ...
after a while hang'n-out at MONSANTO-offices i left  and  walk'd to the corner of 17th + L streets, where my favorite coffee-shop is located:  SURPRISE-SURPRISE:  2 years ago it was a CARIBOU coffee-shop:  now it's a PEET's ... what-ever ... i went in-side and bought a cup-of-coffee, use-ing a $20-bill which a nice woman gave to me early-er today, after she saw me dig-ing in a trash-receptacle ... "THANK YOU VERY MUCH ... BLESS YOU" ... then i explain'd to her that i was RE-CYCLE-ING:  pull-ing re-cycle-able stuff from the trash + place-ing it in-to the re-cycle-bin, which is, (LIKE), right next to the trash-bin ... i'm do-ing this every time i'm in DC ... and love-ing it !!
sincere-ly,  MARK CREEK-WATER DORAZIO,  climate-marcher    Email:

UP-DATE FROM MARK CREEK-WATER, Part 1...Nov. 5 Occupy March, Washington D.C.

WELL,  there was an OCCUPY-MARCH in DC today ... i reckon u can find more details by google-ing "MILLION MASK MARCH" ...

they started at a BANK OF AMERICA near the CAPITOL BLDG, march'd to the CAPITOL BLDG where some folks were arrested {YAY, TEAM !!}, and then march'd to the WHITE HOUSE, where they were hang'n-out,  {[( LIKE )]},  all after-noon ... 

i join'd them approx. 3pm,  and immediate-ly started tell-ing them about my group, ie, the GREAT CLIMATE MARCH ... only one or 2 people had hear'd about us:  i felt an intense sense-of-failure at this point,  as i had volunteer'd, days before we got to DC, to get the word out to OCCUPYERs regard-ing our epic cross-USA walk ... it didn't work, because the web-sites to which i sent E-mails are,  (LIKE), not-very-active ...

i gave-out all the flyers which i had, then made little info-sheets w/ our contact-info on it,  and INVITED every-body to join us for more actions at FERC [FED.ENERGY.REGULATORY.COMMISSION] THURsDAY (tomorrow) + FRIDAY;   i noted that  "FRIDAY IS GONNA BE BIG,  because a bunch of FRACTIVISTs are come-ing from PENNSYLVANIA" ... 

so i'v decided to take a day "off" tomorrow,  so i can send out more invites thru SOCIAL-MEDIA [facebook, twitter, etc], to try to make sure that lots of OCCUPY-folks participate in our FRIDAY-actions .....

FOLKs:  if u think that OCCUPY has ended,  well,  then yr dead-wrong:  i'm happy to report that the OCCUPY-MOVEMENT is big-er + better than ever:  in my next post, i'll tell u what happen'd today after 4pm ... stay tuned .....

sincere-ly,  MARK CREEK-WATER DORAZIO,  climate-marcher  Email: