Friday, August 9, 2013

From Mount Lebanon

Mt. Lebanon, Pa
At the Mt. Lebanon, PA Public Library: The three of us (formerly of the D.C. Occupy kitchen working group) are still at a house in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  

I have networked far and wide, including posting a
news wire item on the NYC IMC, and a published letter in the August 7th Anderson Valley Advertiser newspaper. 

Thus far, nobody is showing any serious interest in my proposed D.C. beltway action, although in truth, nobody is saying that they are against it either. 
 Looks like one of these undertakings that the project originator(s) will have to doubt interest will swell as the takeoff moment approaches.

My friend Tracey with Code Pink in D.C. reports humidity misery plus a general feeling of dissatisfaction has caused many to leave the district for summer travel, or just to "get the hell out".

I understand that the common view will judge me as being daft;  nevertheless, this all amounts to a spiritual calling, so unless I receive a Divine counter message, the D.C. beltway action is alive & kickin'. 

 Besides, as my closer friends have said to me, I might as well go ahead "with full heart", since I am already considered to be crazy by my detractors, and public opinion is fickle anyway.

Here now, Craig

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