Sunday, August 31, 2014

NOLA...The Truth Revealed

Warmest spiritual greetings, In the month and a half since I have been assisting my friend Jamie "Bork" Lougner in the Algiers west bank neighborhood of New Orleans, (because the police beat her mercilessly after tazing her four times, while she attempted to prevent the unnecessary demolition of the public housing), I have had the ultrarare opportunity to be hosted in the region by individuals whose families have been here for generations.  

This has given me a profoundly different view, travelling under the radar with Nellie driving Swamp Rat Jack's truck, taking me to places such as where the Ku Klux Klan meets, or informing me of the horror that thousands experienced who were incarcerated in the Saint's metrodome for days after Hurricane Katrina, before they were shipped out to Texas, also being asked not to return because it conflicted with the government's master plan to turn The Big Easy into a tourist friendly southern Las Vegas.  

Or directing me to the place where, against all probability, the stongest levies broke on two sides of the ship canal, flooding the economically poorer wards instead of the French Quarter and adjacent wealthy garden district where the water was in fact headed, after it breached the concrete containment along the Mississippi River; and how this improbable structural failure occurred just after the questionable Blackwater group was contracted to be there, in spite of the fact that there was no shortage of U.S. military personnel.  

THERE ARE A LOT OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS IN REGARD TO WHAT HAPPENED IN NEW ORLEANS AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA!  And you thought that it was all about the environmental questions of how much global warming contributed to the intensity of the storm's wind speed?

 For more information, and what the national media did not tell you, feel free to make contact at or call Bork directly at (504)302-9951.  Meanwhile, I have to explain to Jack why the alligators that he hunts are unlikely to become a part of my diet, no matter what creole sauce Nellie makes to simmer the meat in.

Craig Louis Stehr
January 11 ,2014
Algiers, Louisiana, USA

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