Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What are we waiting for?

Mindfully walking around Berkeley, CA
Read about the protests in Washington D.C.
Read AdBusters which encourages everybody
To finally and at last "kill the monster"
As an alternative to mindlessly drinking
Lattes, beer, vodka, and cases of wine,
Because the hour is way past late for
All life on earth, and for the earth, and
It's time for coherent, cohesive, spiritual
Action!  Not protests, banner hanging, write-
Your-congressperson, not demonstrating, not
Holding vigils for world peace, not singing
Folk songs, not voting voting voting voting
We're talking about spiritual direct action,
Y'all...rituals, magic symbols, prayers, think
Circularly, activate your mojo, be effective,
Get it done, do it now, kill the monster!

Craig Louis Stehr

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