Friday, January 15, 2016

Is Anything Rad Happening on the East Coast Anymore?

Warmest spiritual greetings, 
Am sitting here at a computer at the Berkeley Public Library, enjoying kind of a balmy day following a light rain.  Might go again to walk the length of Ocean Beach, but I don't need it.  

Not really interested in hanging out in a hardcore bar in the Mission neighborhood either.
I have given money to the Piedmont House travel hostel, and am chillin' in room Lucky 13 until January 17th  

 I can afford to go to the SFO airport and get on an airplane, and like, go somewhere and be active in a radically environmental manner.  I could also be somewhere participating in related peace and justice activities, since now we all know that you cannot really separate the ecology from the society; I mean, not really.

     You may contact me at this email address:, or telephone Piedmont House at 510-849-4800 and chat it up with all of the cool people there who keep the hostel hummin'.  And please leave a message for me, which will help to determine precisely what I can do next to contribute.  Like, it would be just insane to wait for spring.  

What's wrong with now?  After all, the politicians aren't taking the winter season off.
While anticipating tonight's Powerball drawing, I lots of time to read emails.  So go ahead and send me one.  Considering the fact that nothing is happening of any critical nature on the eastern seaboard right now, and like, the president said last night that everything is basically fine, go ahead and send me an email message.  I'll answer it.  And then we can all be active again in support of Mother Earth, and we can be for one another, and love all, and be enlightened, and drop these bodies and minds and go up.  

Aren't you just superstoked? Let's go!!

Craig Louis Stehr
January 13, 2016

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