Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cherry Blossoms and washington DC part 2

Am this moment at the MLK Library in central D.C., chillin' until 4 P.M. when I check-in at the Harrington Hotel (11th & E St. NW) for five nights.  I have no idea what is upcoming here in terms of general activism, but the anti-fracking groups have direct actions planned in April and May.  As well, the annual World Bank-IMF protests are expected soon, but I have no knowledge of who or what is involved.  

It's been a long time since A-16 (April 2000) when many of us were here and D.C. was shut down for three days.   Of course the EF! RRR is in Michigan early July.  And the Earth First! Journal is mulling over my suggestion to have a table at the two late July political conventions, in Cleveland and Philadelphia. 

    This may or may not have anything to do with "saltwater issues".  I guess it depends on the various angles one might perceive the preservation of Penobscot Bay from.  But that's the eco-radical roadmap for the next four months in America, as far as I know.  A close friend of mine said that to go on like this year after year is a waste of time...that we need a brand new go after primary causes of problems rather than the  appendages.  How this might happen is undefined.  My response to my friend is that Divine Intervention is needed to neutralize money-military-industrial complexes globally. 

     So I will be in Washington D.C. until at least April 19th.  No certainty beyond that date.  Am enjoying the cherry blossoms,  Craig  ;-)

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