Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Moon's Reflection in B Flat

Dropped by Loewe's theater on 34th Street yesterday in Manhattan, and took in the "Miles Ahead" motion picture.  A wonderful tribute (and graphically accurate) portrayal of the music icon post 1975 until he resurfaced anew.  It's a real treat that musicians who recorded with Miles Davis are featured.  This flick is not for the faint of heart.

     Later, met with my friend Genea Barnes who moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco, where she had managed the Crow Bar in North Beach.  Her book about ghost bicycles has been published, and seriously needs to get out to the general public.  If you can help with distribution please contact her  We divine anarchists are duty bound to assist one another, ya know.

     After having an enjoyable reunion with her at Floyd in Brooklyn Heights (which has indoor bocce ball), I headed off in the dark using an inadequate subway map in search of a means of returning to Hostelling International.  On a dark street, I did quickly take a pee next to a small tree.  Looking up, there was a Brooklyn police car with two officers looking straight at me.  I was asked to explain what I was doing.  So, I replied that I was returning to my travel hostel.  The curt response was: "I'm not asking you where you are going.  Why are you urinating here?"  I quickly said: "I'm sorry about this, officer.  I apologize."  And the response from law and order was: "You need to get going where you need to go", and they drove away.  Two blocks later, I discovered that I was on the street which is home to the police station.  The cops were probably more surprised to see me there, than I was in being caught.  Fortunately, two Lagunitas IPAs and a hearty Glenfiddich scotch whiskey on the rocks enabled me to handle the delicate situation without it turning into a complete disaster.

     Will spend today at Poets House writing, having now acquired a better subway map.  Realizing that we are not these bodies nor these minds, but the immortal Absolute which is working through them, I recommend that everybody be established in the continuous superconscious state of Sahaj Samadhi Avastha.

Craig Louis Stehr
April 25, 2016

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