Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jnana Yoga Message

Awake at 4AM most mornings, immediately acknowledging that I am not the body and I am not the mind, but I am indeed the spiritual energy which works through them.  Not identifying with the mind is of the utmost importance, for the individual, for the society, and for the planet earth.  It is quite simple: if you wish to do something positive for yourself, for society, and for the earth, then stop identifying with the mental factory and its ever-changing thoughts.  

Stop acting out thoughts!  They will form and dissipate of themselves, so just leave them alone.  Take care of the body as you would take care of any large mammal.  It isn't difficult.  And above and beyond everything else, identify with the nameless formless Absolute which you are.  There really isn't any other solution to the confusion of this lost civilization, and there isn't any better remedy for environmental decline. You have a choice.

N.B. I am staying at a travel inn, downtown San Francisco, until September 19th.  If anybody wishes to team up and go on a spiritually creative rampage to boycott the worthless 2016 American presidential election, while simultaneously advocating an Earth First! approach to the global environmentally insane situation, plus perform a few effective rituals as we fully engage our spiritual mojo, then contact me at

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