Sunday, September 18, 2016

San Francisco Goes All Out at Warren Hinckle's Funerary Send Off to Heaven

The church was packed :for Warren Hinckle's funeral service.  It was the full Catholic celebration, with the elite of San Francisco politics in attendance (Willie Brown, the Agnos family, Quentin Kopp, etc.) plus the regional literary vanguard...also, some publishers/editors/ writers flew in from New York City.  Editors previously with Ramparts, the Argonaut, SF Chronicle & Examiner, plus currently active Last Gasp and City Lights folks attended. 

 The entire congregation sang "San Francisco" as the covered casket was wheeled out, greeted outside by a vibrant Green Street Mortuary band playing full tilt, plus three cops on horses holding the national, state, and church flags, as we all proceeded not-quite-solemnly to Gino & Carlo's...tables set up in the alleyway from 2-5 P.M., and if you want to know what lies beyond that, you'll need to come around and add your unique presence, or you could telephone the bar for updates.  We are all better off because Warren Hinckle fought the good fight and was an uncompromising voice for Truth.

Craig Louis Stehr
August 30, 2016, 4:30 P.M.
San Francisco, California

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