Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Walk

September 11, 2016.  Took a walk south on 4th Street in San Francisco on a cool, cloudy Sunday afternoon.  Not attached to anything at all.  Ignoring thoughts.  Just non-interference where the body goes.  Identifying with the total lack of anything mental or physical, (which the individual discovers upon meditating fully and deeply enough).  The yogis in India told me that this is where one needs to be anchored!  "Focused incessantly" is how it was described at Swami Sivananda's ashram in Muni-ki-Reti near Rishikesh. (Cont'd below)

    The Reality at the core of everything will take care of every detail.  The Higher Will is not to be denied at the earthly chaotic carnival.  The phase between darkest Kali Yuga and emerging light-filled Satya Yuga is in motion.  Paradigm shifting, shifting, shifting.  Where are you, O Prem?
    I need to move out of the Emperor Norton Travel Inn in downtown San Francisco on Monday September 19th.  If you want to team up, write down the bones, attack the New World Order head on, advocate for an Earth First! approach to global climate destabilization and other ecological areas of decline, then email me at  I'm ready.  You ready??

Craig Louis Stehr
September 11, 2016
San Francisco

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