Saturday, November 5, 2016

Leaving El Dorado

Just left Sunday Catholic Mass after receiving Holy Communion at historic St. Patrick's Cathedral in San Francisco.  Am about to go to Ocean Beach for one final mindful beach walk, before packing up my belongings tonight, in lieu of leaving California tomorrow for Honolulu.  

It is with no sorrow whatsoever that I am leaving El Dorado.  A legal resident since August of 1972, having done it all, I do not feel satisfied, generally speaking, following decades of living here.  The significant employment situations were insane.  The social life was enjoyable when intoxicated on premium beer and shots of whiskey....otherwise, fair to middlin'.  The spiritual life was eclectically interesting, but the people were often ignorant in spite of constantly pronouncing themselves to be "enlightened".  Some were downright psychotic, and fortunate it is that I did not haul off and punch one of them in the face as hard as possible, (and emotion which I identify as common in postmodern secular consumerist America).

     I am going to The Plumeria travel hostel on O'ahu to begin new creative writing, am actively seeking others to form a spiritual writers group, the only restriction being how successful on the earth plane that we wish to be.
     Yours for centering internally and writing down the bones,  Craig Louis Stehr

Nota bene:  Please don't ever advise me to "chill out".  I am tired of hearing the stupid suggestion.  It's the intensity which gets the results.  Obviously!

Craig Louis Stehr

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