Friday, August 17, 2018

The present fleeting moment...

Everything is OK here in Honolulu...paid for my room through September 5th...went out last night and enjoyed a couple of beers at the Maui Brewing Co. celebrating the incredible gift that Aretha Franklin will always be. I

 understand that everybody with whom I identify in Washington, D.C. is continuing to live on the edge, ready to respond to the alt.right menace (and that the liberals are not particularly in solidarity with us, but would like us to support their protestations). 

 Feel free to communicate to the liberals that I will be happy to accept their solidarity, and let's start with housing for me; unless of course, they could not care less about destroying the demonic, and only really are committed to enhancing their egos and continuing to put on a protest carnival. 
Meanwhile, I've got three weeks unscheduled coming up, so I guess I will just head for the beach and chant mantrams and eat fresh locally sourced food and enjoy the Plumeria alternative hostel Saturday night BBQ. 

Stay in touch everybody. Thank you.

Craig Louis Stehr
August 17, 2018
Honolulu, Hawaii


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