Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To reinvent my social life in postmodern America

Hey everyone, In my zeal to reinvent my social life in postmodern America, I have discovered the Temple of Bliss in San Francisco  As you know, I published "Not Confusing the Political with the Personal" on the NYC IMC recently, and I am really really really asking everyone to fully grok how we have to be intelligent in regard to the fact that we are NOT direct action machines for anybody or anything! We all need to be fully there for one another, which means that the entire individual is respected, not only the aspect which is politically active.  

Yo, I'm glad that the public appreciates my 40 years of radical activism in all of its manifestations, but I'd like the public to stop shopping for two minutes, and appreciate that if it weren't for the radical environmental and peace & justice frontline participants, the general public wouldn't have a future worth a shit on earth.

Thanks for listening, contact me anytime, let's give and receive more love for ourselves, 
Craig Louis Stehr

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