Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not Two

 Not Two
 Ramana Maharshi said that there is
 No such thing as "two selves", in other
 Words "one self that realizes another self"
 And therefore it is absurd for anyone to
 Attempt to become enlightened, because
 You are already the Self.  He advised
 Everyone to abide in the Self always,
 And to do nothing else, this being the
 Primary spiritual practice at his ashram
 In south India, where seekers arrived in
 Droves seeking the Self, only to be told
 That they are the Self, and that there was
 Nothing for them to seek, which left them
 Sitting quietly at the feet of the Master who
 Smiled, nonattached to phenomena and
 Craving nothing at all, which he said was
 Everybody's inherent condition, there being
 Nothing else to realize, know, or understand,
 And thus Ramana Maharshi took walks at the
 Base of Mount Arunachal lecturing visitors
 On the identity of their true nature which they
 Traveled thousands of miles to question him
 About, which he graciously answered for
 Them and on and on this went until he
 Became internationally well known as a
 Spiritual teacher and his sayings were
 Published and his living quarters became a
 Shrine and Mount Arunachal was accepted as
 The Abode of Shiva and his teachings influenced
 Generations of spiritual seekers and today
 Pilgrims from around the world come to his
 Ashram and meditate there and read the
 Books and sing bhajans and hear lectures
 From his devotees and celebrate Shivaratri
 On the mountain and mindfully circumambulate
 On the well worn foot paths and hike up to the
 Peak and light incense and offer flowers and
 Eat prasadam and finger rudraksha seed beads
 And finally realize that they cannot abide in the
 Self, because they are the Self, since there are not
 Two selves, one to abide in the other, because
 Brahman, or the Self, is everything!  OM TAT SAT

 Craig Louis Stehr
 Composed at Saxby's Coffee House
 University Mall (near George Mason University)
 Fairfax, Virginia, USA


  1. Rudraksha beads have been used since ages for various benefits.The powers radiated by Karya Siddha mala is due to multiple effects from the different face / mukhi rudraksha bead combinations aligned in the mala.
    Benefit of Rudraksha

  2. It's beautiful that you can write this; can't piece together how this fits with prostitutes rights though. I found your page via a message you left on English Collective of Prostitutes and I don't support prostitution, I only believe in praying for prostitutes and criminalising it 100%. PS. I love Ramana Maharshi.