Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Destroying Postmodernism before it Gets You!

Morning salutations, I have two more weeks to go at the central
Berkeley men's shelter, and then they say I'm on my own, because
Alameda county social services does not have anything further to
give to me. 

 I am totally available right now!  I have several hundred dollars which would get me transported anywhere in the USA lower 48, decades of experience of a radical nature, plus a fully cultivated spiritual life, and I'm willing!!!  Instead of languishing in the cultural death of postmodernism, I'd like your cooperation in order to remain active frontline-wise.  No need to
hurry, because this is America and it's summer; so slow down, take
your time, and then encourage me to travel where you are and

I don't have anything to do anymore in California.  That's just the
way it is, and I am really not interested in attempting anything so
ridiculous as "retiring".  That won't work for me.  I'm not the
type.  However, I am ready to help usher in a brand new
civilization based on a spiritual foundation, Craig Louis


Wherever and whenever
The mind is found
Attached to anything,
Make haste to detach
Yourself from it.
When you tarry for
Any length of time
It will turn again into
Your old home town.

--Daito Kokushi (1282-1334)

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